Digital Hearth
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A Friendlier Recording Device
Thoughtful design & construction

Built from wood and fabric, the Hearth’s natural materials add to the warmth of the conversation environment.

No visible microphones

Purpose-built for capturing in-person conversations, the digital Hearth captures participant voices without distracting from the natural flow of conversation.

Crisp audio, from the tabletop

Built-in speakers for audio playback bring voices from outside of the room into the literal center of the conversation.

Record with care

Participants can relax knowing that they will be able to review audio on our platform, making corrections, adding comments, and sharing highlights.

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A Friendlier Recording Device
Powerful technology in a simple design
Amped up listening

An 8-mic array captures high-fidelity sound with directional data that maps participant locations onto the recording, increasing accuracy of automated transcription.

No broadband, no power, no problem

Featuring a long battery life and offline recording, the Hearth works anywhere people gather. Pull it out of your backpack, turn it on, and get the conversation started.

An audio device that respects your privacy

Record the conversation, and nothing else. Leave the device off when you’re not using it. The Hearth only listens when you want it to.

Control it with your phone

Log in with any smartphone, or use the tablet included with every hearth.

Powerful technology in a simple design