Advancing a People-First Economy

November 9, 2023

At Cortico, our mission has always been to restore trust across communities, divides, and America as a whole. Today, we are thrilled to share a remarkable achievement in collaboration with the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. We are proud to introduce “Advancing a People-First Economy.”

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is unveiling the final report of the Commission on Reimagining Our Economy (CORE), a cross-partisan initiative dedicated to reshaping our nation’s political economy with the goal of lifting people up.

Our very own Kathy Cramer serves as a Co-Chair on this distinguished commission, which includes notable figures such as Ann Fudge, Nicholas Lemann, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Cornell William Brooks, Mary Kay Henry, Serene Jones, Joseph Stiglitz, James Fallows, Reid Hoffman, Anna Deavere Smith, and even Tom Hanks.

What sets this report apart is the unique process by which it was created. CORE, with the help of Cortico’s conversation platform Fora, engaged in deep, meaningful dialogues across America. These conversations illuminated the experiences and aspirations of those often unheard. The result? A compelling case for an economy that truly works for the people who make it work.

Kathy Cramer, the Commission’s Co-Chair, emphasizes the report’s uniqueness:

“Hearing the voices of Americans as they share their experiences of the economic system and its personal impact is revelatory. Cortico’s mission of surfacing underheard voices to effect change truly comes to life in this work. I believe that listening with empathy is an important first step in making an economy and democracy that works for everyone in this country.”

This work is essential in bridging our national divide, listening with empathy to the voices and stories of our fellow Americans. We take pride in the fact that Fora was used to record, transcribe, and analyze voices from all corners of America as they shared their stories about their economic circumstances and hopes for the future.

The launch event will showcase the report’s fifteen bold recommendations to create a People-First Economy. The committee will also highlight Cortico’s contributions to a process that allowed a diverse, cross-partisan, and multidisciplinary group to agree on solutions for some of the most significant challenges facing the American people.

Cortico has collaborated with over 100 partners to facilitate conversations and surface underheard voices. CORE’s report marks a significant milestone in this journey, showcasing the power of combining deep human listening and AI tools.

In addition, CORE has published “Faces of America: Getting By in Our Economy,” a captivating photojournal that brings American faces to the voices recorded and analyzed by Fora in the report.

The CORE report is not just a document; it’s a catalyst for real voices and faces for change. It will be shared with congressional offices and other spheres of influence, helping shape a future where the economy genuinely serves the people.

We invite you to check out this trailblazing report, listen to the real voices behind it, and join us in spreading the word about this vital initiative. Together, we are making a difference and shaping a brighter economic future for all.

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