LVN Provides a Platform for Boston-based ‘Real Talk’ Campaign

The Boston Globe recently profiled the work of MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication to amplify under-heard voices in the run-up to Boston’s Mayoral elections, using Cortico technology to gather and amplify the voices of under-heard voters. The piece profiles ‘Real Talk for Change,’ a campaign seeking to “amplify the voices of folks who are too often under-heard by current civic processes.” 

Quoting from article in The Globe:

Targeted community conversations in the run-up to an election are not new. But MIT’s approach combines grass-roots dialogue with modern technology.

The conversations, held either in person or online, are recorded and uploaded to a data dashboard on a system called Local Voices Network that allows users to hear, search, and highlight the various discussions.

Meet the grassroots organizers and MIT researchers behind the effort by reading the full story

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