How to Tackle Truth Decay
Cortico CEO Deb Roy for The Atlantic | March 3, 2024 ...
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The Internet Could be So Good. Really.
Cortico CEO Deb Roy for The Atlantic | October 17, 2023 ...
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LVN Provides a Platform for Boston-based ‘Real Talk’ Campaign
The Boston Globe recently profiled the work of MIT's Center for Constructive...
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Amplifying Immigrant Voices in Miami-Fort Lauderdale
Our exciting new partnership with Univision23 is supporting community responsive...
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Science for the Rest of Us Podcast
Cortico CEO Parisa Parsa was invited to talk about the impact of technology on civic...
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Listening to Black Women
In an article published by the Wisconsin Medical Journal, Lisa Peyton-Caire, MSEd and...
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Tampa Bay Times: We Weren’t Wealthy But We Were Rich
Cortico has been developing a rich partnership with the Tampa Bay Times, aimed at...
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Community-Responsive Election Reporting
In the lead-up to 2020’s high-stakes, polarizing election, it seemed like we were all...
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