Sensemaking at Cortico
Sensemaking Unveiled: Cortico's Community-Driven Approach to Qualitative Analysis In...
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Call for Proposals: Community Conversation Mini-Grants
Local Voices Speak Up About a Changing Energy Workforce: 1.7 million people in...
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Our New Public Conversation API
Easily access public conversation data to support your research. We now have a Public...
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Language Justice in Cambridge, Massachusetts
by Nancy Tauber, Cambridge Family Policy Council Translation and interpretation...
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Gems from Our Engineering Blog
Cortico’s engineering team are a brilliant, creative and curious bunch of humans. Since...
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Amplifying Immigrant Voices in Miami-Fort Lauderdale
Our exciting new partnership with Univision23 is supporting community responsive...
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Introducing our new Help Desk
In building our technology, our goal is to combine intuitive design with responsive...
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Accessibility: What was lost and gained as we moved online
Accessibility is a core priority as we pursue our objective of bringing under-heard...
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Introducing Topic-Based Insights
👋 Greetings from the Cortico product team Here at Cortico we’re closing in on ✨1000✨...
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