LVN Media
Amplifying Immigrant Voices in Miami-Fort Lauderdale
Our exciting new partnership with Univision23 is supporting community responsive...
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Listening to Black Women
In an article published by the Wisconsin Medical Journal, Lisa Peyton-Caire, MSEd and...
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Tampa Bay Times: We Weren’t Wealthy But We Were Rich
Cortico has been developing a rich partnership with the Tampa Bay Times, aimed at...
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Cap Times: How the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is Helping People Weather the Pandemic
As part of a partnership between Local Voices Network, Cap Times, and a University of...
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Community-Responsive Election Reporting
In the lead-up to 2020’s high-stakes, polarizing election, it seemed like we were all...
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WHERE IMMIGRATION RULED: The Midterms on Talk Radio
By Doug Beeferman and William Powers Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash Cortico’s...
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The Cortico Newsroom
What’s it’s like to be a journalist? Where do stories come from? How does the reporting...
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