Product Updates
Our New Public Conversation API
Easily access public conversation data to support your research. We now have a Public...
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Trimming Conversations on LVN
Imagine you’re hosting a Zoom call. It’s a conversation you’re facilitating between some...
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Increasing the Reach of Our Embeds
At Cortico we want to provide our partners with tools that help them expand their work...
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Building a transcript editor for the web
Cortico’s mission of bringing underheard voices to the center of a stronger dialogue...
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Gems from Our Engineering Blog
Cortico’s engineering team are a brilliant, creative and curious bunch of humans. Since...
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Hearth V2: A Deep Dive
Hearth V2 in Purple and Grey Cortico’s Local Voices Network taps into the intimacy of...
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Introducing our new Help Desk
In building our technology, our goal is to combine intuitive design with responsive...
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Introducing Topic-Based Insights
👋 Greetings from the Cortico product team Here at Cortico we’re closing in on ✨1000✨...
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Looking Forward to Conversations Around the Hearth
Hearth History It’s hard to believe that after over a year of fully virtual...
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